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SUN Identity

The Bold. The wisdom of the sun is greater than the wisdom of the earth, because the sun sees the universe better than the earth can see it. We admire the wonders of a sunset and a sunrise, our soul expand in the worship of the creator. Everyday we are receiving energy from the sun. Sun is twice as powerful as the moon and all of the stars together. Do your work with mastery. Like the sun, come out from behind the clouds!

Sun is a superior person. He makes the moon and stars watch in envy. This identity is suitable for president, commander and ambassador.

“You are the sun. You bring warmth, laughter and joy”

MOON Identity

The Beauty. It is white, cool, soothing. Moon is a great motivator. The natural satellite of the earth is full of imperfections but it’s still beautiful and a pleasure to watch. Like the moon, we should be calm and reflect beauty despite being imperfect in appearance. We should shine in the darkness of life and give way to the path of light. It has beauty and elegance without reason.

The moon is queen of everything. She rules the oceans, rivers, rain.  This identity is suitable for artist, designer, illustrator, musician, photographer and videographer.

“Smile like the moon to make life beautiful, because in your beautiful smile life finds meaning”

STAR Identity

The Instant. Each star is large as our own shining sun, but they all appear so small to our eyes since they are so far away from our world, like giant horse appear small as ants to someone standing on high mountain slope. At the end of the night you keep staring at the sky at night and keep asking the stars to help you figure this all out. Our tiredness working all day along will vanish if we go to balcony and watch stars. How important those little shining objects.

Stars are countless suns. This identity is suitable for those who believe in their own pace.

“We awake to greet the awesome radiance of the star”

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