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♡ sincerity

It all starts with sincerity and dedication. Down to earth (family-oriented, small town), honest (sincere, real), wholesome (original), cheerful (sentimental, friendly) come to mind when thinking of the traits associated with this dimension.

* excitement

The second dimension of brand personality is brand excitement which contains, such traits as playful, daring (trending, exciting), spirited (cool, young), imaginative (unique), and up-to-date (independent, contemporary).

% competence

These value requires competence from the management, the marketer as well as people involved in the success of a company. Brands which are competent are known to be reliable, intelligent, and successful.

@ sophistication

Who wouldn’t aspire to live the life by sophisticated hero? Sophisticated brands are frequently associated with the upper-class (glamorous, good looking) and have a very charming voice (feminine, smooth).

# ruggedness

The scale attempts to assess the degree to which a consumer views a brand as having personality-like characteristics typified by facets such as being toughness and outdoorsy (masculinity)

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